With 68 Harry GRANTs on Sound Cloud Alone

Don't be deceived by Harry Wannabes

Younger and better looking than me, many of these Harry poseurs, know that its tough being a musician or songwriter.
Even if you are talented and attractive and have a great voice.
So who do you have to sleep with to get noticed? Harvey Wienstein is unavailable.
And Ahmet Ertegun has passed on. But Dolly Partons looking good at 77.

Listen to the

Around 17 I got interested in the guitar and quickly learned it was harder than it looked. The most accomplished guitar players are motivated and start at 5, 6, or 7 years old with classical guitar lessons or some sort of piano introduction or both. Guitar Luminaries such as Vai, Trucks, Malmstien, Van Halen, Clapton, and Page for example. If you werent born into a musical mileu, a Ukelele is a great inexpensive instrument to have laying around for the kids to play. Eric Clapton mentions having one as a child in his biography. Eric is coy about how hard he studied guitar before he actually learned. He never comes out and says I sutudied X hours a day for 5 years to get grasp. None of them do or very few and I have read a lot of Biographies. Andy Summers is an exception. Keith learned at art school and blues records at home.

So in case you were shopping for a stringed musical instrument, there also exist well set up half size guitars, both nylon and classical, which can be purchased dirt cheap from places like Thomann. I got one for 41 euros. They are easier on your hand. If your left hand has ever bothered you from playing guitar... well, I bought one and it was worth it. But for a child its perfect and a baragin.

Logic is the best DAW for Songwriters

Logic has its annoying moments. Repetative Notifications every time you make a hard ware change being my least favorite. But its got great drums. Remember Soul Music? Logic has Drummers of various genres there waiting for you. They have soul drummer too. Some drumming avatars have arty names and are fluid and there are genres you never heard of that you should muck around with. Logic makes it easy to do things like arrange loops and even add your own audio and midi to it in the form of your voice or guitar, bass, midi keyboard or other device. When I want to learn stuff, If I cant get a book....

Only Sing for real when wearing Headphones

The voice part is tricky and you want a quiet room and to be singing along to the music supplied by your head phones. If you sing to a microphone with the music via your monitors. The microphone is going to record that music into your vocal and you don't want that. It confuses subsequent tinkering you may want to do. There may be artifacts and breaths and passing cars to deal with so why confuse it with the background mix music. With Logic you can control all this if you get that far.

Singing Tips

Dont have a strong voice? You can still have fun if you find your niche. Both, Logic and Melodyne vocal effects programs do the same thing pretty much in the end. Season to taste. They both have short cuts to success if you right click. Maybe your range is similar to mine and you are unsure. Be assured of hours of fun, because in Logic there are a slew of great female and male vocalists to mix and match and arrange into songs upon a foundation of bass and drum loops. However if you don't know any of this yet. Take heart.

It entails some initial expenditure and determination but there are many paths. If you have a good voice so much the better. But If you feel vocally challenged these programs arent miracle workers in my experience. They help. I have tried as many vocal plug-ins as I can find to try to make my self sound like hero's of mine such as Bowie or Morrison or even Iggy. I cant leave out John Fogerty either and of course Tom Petty.